Total 60 asthis will be immersed by them at Chandod on Monday

Vadodara BJP comes the rescue of families and will do the ash immersion at Chandod after collecting it from various crematoriums in the city. Total 60 asthis will be immersed by them at Chandod on Monday.

Relatives of some of the deceased could not take the ash from the respective cemeteries for any reason. In such a situation the city BJP has taken on the responsibility of immerse them at Chandod as per hindu rituals. The team collected around 60 pots from various crematoriums and took them to Chandod for immersion.

Vadodara mayor Keyur Rokadiya, city BJP president Dr. Vijay Shah, standing committee chairman Dr. Hitendra Patel, Sunil Solanki and other senior leaders were present at Khaswadi crematorium to collect and handover the ash pots for immersion at Chandod.

“The pots were stored for long at the crematoriums and BJP as a family came forward to help the families to immerse them at Chandod with proper hindu rituals. It is a important sanskar and must be performed to give moksha to the departed soul. There is no fear of getting corona with this and I request families to collect the ash and immerse them as per rituals,” said Mayor Keyur Rokadiya.


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