Vadodara based company electrify the villages in Indonesia


In this high-tech world there are still many areas which don’t even have access to electricity which is our basic necessity. However a Baroda based company having expertise in the field of Biomass and waste Gasification is helping such areas to get access to the power with the help of biomass. There recent project is the islands of Indonesia to get them electrify after living in darkness for decades.

Ankur Scientific Energy Technologies turned the villages there towards electrification with the help of Bamboos by turned them into energy with the biomass technology. The company is one of the pioneers in the technology of turning various source of biomass into gasification and then to energy. After doing various electrification projects in India the company spread their area and now helping villages especially in island areas towards electrification.

One such project is the Siberut Island in Indonesia where the people see electricity for the first time. Ankur Technologies with its local partner identifies the villages and provide electricity to them with help of Bamboos grow locally. Moreover the company also generate local employment for the people as they are the one who runs the plant afterwards.

Siberut Island has about 20 villages and the company first electrifies the three villages in the first phase followed by the remaining ones in the next phase of electrification through locally grown bamboos. The technology and machines are all export from India which helps the villages coming out of dark towards the light of future.

“When you saw from the Google maps the area shows about 80% of darkness and after that we took forward the project to electrify them with our technology. In the first we electrify the three villages followed by the rest in the second phase. We installed Gasifiers there which use the locally grown bamboos to turn them into electricity. When we first glow the light the villagers are amazed and happy that they are spending the money locally,” said Ankur Jain MD of the company.

The company is also working on various overseas project and wish to spread the technology for the benefit of the mankind.


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