For the first time in India a synchronized dual city run against cancer will be flag off at the same time. The run is to motivate cancer fighters, winners, caregivers and people from all walks of life. Cancer patients, survivors and caretakers will also run in the event along with others to spread the message more effectively.

The Run to ADD life will be held at two cities Ahmedabad and Vadodara on 18th February having the same message to beat cancer. The run is of 5km and 10km and flag off at the same time in both the cities. The specialty of the run is live telecasting and involve peoples from every walk of life.The target is to involve more then 6000 people running with a message to motivate the cancer fighters, winners, caregivers and to prevent it from ever affecting them or their loved ones. The cancer patients will also run in the event effectively spreading the message to fight not fear.The run will start from Polo ground and ends here before passing through various areas of city. The fees of the run will be used in charity and every participants will be given t shirts. The runners from 10km will get medals and the regular runners will get timing certificates.


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