National Safety Day 2021

Results take more time due to EVM and VVPAT counting

Countdown begins to the all important counting on 23rd May and all preparations are completed by the election commission. In Vadodara the heavily guarded counting centre is turning into a fortress with strict rules implemented for candidates,  officials and media persons. This time the results will take more time due to the counting of more EVM and VVPAT machines per constituency.

Chief election officer Shalini Agarwal briefed and said the counting will begin from 8 am starting with ballot and Electronically transmitted Postal Ballot System (ETPBS). After that the counting will begin for the seven assembly constituencies inside different rooms.  CCTV monitoring and video recording will be done with a separate control room at the centre.

Two general observers will be present and review the counting process under strict guidelines by the election commission. The round wise results will be uploaded continuously and updated on and voter helpline mobile application.

Strict police security with para military,  state armed force help the election officials to conduct the counting process in free and fair manner.


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