Slashed the present rates free entry for vehicles coming to pick and drop passengers.

Now people coming to drop and receive the guests don’t have to pay anything at the Vadodara airport. The administration decides not to charge anything from such people and also slashed the parking rates from the existing ones. The aim is to simplify the movement inside the terminal building.

Vadodara airport is one of the busiest places in the city due to the vehicle movement inside the premises. People come to recieve and drop their people often has arguments over parking with the staff and also complained of higher charges. To solve the situation the airport authority put place a new policy where people can enjoy free entry for drop and pick and park their vehicles at slashed new rates.

“The AAI divide airports on three categories and rates will be implemented as per the category. Vadodara falls on B group and the new policy will be in place from 5th April 2019. For a 30 minute parking a car owner have to pay 20rs and for the same time period the two wheeler rider will pay 10rs. For a extended time limit the rates will be charges as per hours. For a full 24hour stretch the four wheeler will pay 180rs while the two wheeler will pay 120rs for the same time period,” said Charan Singh Director Vadodara airport.

From 30 to 120minutes the charges will be 60rs for cars and 15rs for two wheelers. From 2 to 7hrs 10rs will be added for every hour for cars and 5rs for bikes. From seven to full 24hrs the rates will be 180rs for cars and 120rs for two wheelers.

The administration also make the entry free for the vehicles comes inside to drop and pick up the passengers. “We make four lanes for departure, arrival and VIP movement for the smooth flow of traffic inside. The lane managers will ensure the movement of the vehicles inside the lane be quick and trouble free. They will segregate the movement and if any vehicle takes much time the managers will send them to parking,” said Singh.

The authority also decides to outsource the parking through contract and the process is already in place. “The contractor ensure the parking responsibility be carried out according to the new policy. Furthermore to help him not making loss through the agreement we will allow outside people like nearby marriage functions to park inside with conditions. The discipline side will be taken care by the contractor and we will provide the security. The idea is to generate income and give confort to the outside party,” said Singh.

He also added that they are also planning to extend the timings of the food court inside to invite the youths and families to enjoy the food as well as getting a chance to move around the terminal building. The move can generate revenue for them and also the brand get recognition. A airport police chowky is also going to open soon to ensure the security at the place. They are also planning to introduce monthly passes scheme for the people visiting daily inside the airport terminal.

Presently 16 flights equal to 32 movements and five to six non schedule flights are operating from here daily. IAF also has 30 movements per day and based on the that the new traffic policy will ensure the smooth flow of vehicles at the entrance and departure area.



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