Unseasonal rains continues in Vadodara for the second day


The sudden unseasonal rains starting from Thursday continues for the whole night as people wake up in the morning with overcast sky. The showers also drop the temperature and people avoid coming out of their homes and prefer to stay indoors.

Late evening on Thursday Vadodara received mild showers which took people by surprise as they rushed to save themselves from getting drenched. The rain continues for the whole night and everyone wake up to see dark overcast sky to welcome them. The temperature also see a slight drop and people prefer to stay indoors till the situation improves.

The city roads are totally drenched as the mild showers continues in the city even in early morning on Friday. People are now in delima to wear raincoats or jackets while on their way to their jobs and works later in the day. The rain forecast is also there and more showers are expected throughout the day.


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