National Safety Day 2021

A unknown person hanged himself with a plastic rope from a tree branch next to the forest office in Fategunj area of Vadodara city. Police is further investigating about the reason of the suicide and the identity of the person. People also gathered in curiosity to see the man found hanging from the branch.

As per available details, a nearly 45-year-old man committed suicide by hanged himself from a tree branch next to the Fategunj Forest Office. Crowd gathered at the spot in curiosity after the news spread. Fategunj police reached the spot bring down the body from the tree and send to Sayaji hospital for postmortem.

Police have launched an investigation to find the identity of the person and reason behind the suicide. The possibility of shocking details coming out after a police investigation cannot be ruled out.

However, Fategunj police have registered a case of suicide and initiated further action.


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