Unique way of using 1000 rupees currency note


500 and 1000 rupees notes are now history but Vadodara city found a unique way to use it. No no we are not talking about the black market or exchange but a unique way to use the 1000 rupees note. Nowadays 1000 rupees colour print purses are latest craze among the youth and shookeepers are also kept enough stock due to the demand.

Made from colour print of 1000 rupees note the purse in made of plastic type material with thickness inside. It is like the same normal purse and available at 30 rs per purse. The shopkeepers are also stock enough in view of the demand.

“The purses are available in local market and latest craze after the ban on 1000 rupee currency note. We also kept 50 to 50 pieces in our stock in view of the demand,” said Dharmesh Jain.

Similarly a game on the note exchange came in the market and it’s video is getting viral in the market. The video is named Modi Note and it’s a scanning game where when you scan 500 note the screen is blank but when you scan 2000 rupees note the screen flash the picture of PM Narendra Modi.


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