Unique and traditional Vadodara’s Fine Arts Garba


Navaratri festival is at its peak in Vadodara and with three days remaining the revellers tighten their strings to enjoy it to the fullest. Students of the famous Fine Arts faculty are also in the same mood and enjoy their unique style of garba every night inside their faculty premises.

The Fine Arts Garba is one of the best ones in the city where the students from the faculty match steps with the traditional garba music. The garba is all exclusive for the students studying in the faculty and no one is allowed from outside. Students came here from other countries also enjoy the garba with others and even practice the steps much before the start of the Navratri festival.

The garba is unique as the steps are totally different and hard for the others to follow. With no loudspeakers and decorative lights the students dressed in traditional attires dance to the traditional tunes produced from the musical instruments like harmonium, dhol, khanjri and others. The singers and musicians are also the former students of the university which plays and sings the garba songs.

The Fine Arts Garba is organised for the last 4 decades with equal enthusiasm and continues it’s tradition as it is. Among the lavish and commercial big garba the Fine Arts Garba continues to entertain the garba lovers with its own unique style.