Unique protest by local residents of Maneja village in Vadodara against liquor menace


Openly sold the liquor pouches along with children

Local residents of Maneja village in Vadodara protest in a unique way against the liquor trade in their area. On the occasion of 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi they sold the liquor pouches openly in the area to show the law enforcement agencies about the trade. Not only that young children also joined them to appeal in their own way to stop it.

On 2nd October various agencies and departments celebrate the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi in various ways. However the villagers of Maneja near Makarpura GIDC came out in open to protest against the growing liquor business in their area. They put up a stall and openly sold the liquor to show the law enforcement agencies about the reality.

A local Jitendra Parmar said there are about 30 to 35 liquor den operational in the area and inspite of various complaints the police is not taking any steps to stop them. He further said that many families were destroyed due to the liquor menace in the area and the people involved in it openly make mockery of the prohibition laws in Gujarat.

He said they also want to celebrate the day with good programmes buy they are fed up of all the liquor menace there and hence they decide to protest against it in this unique way.

A 15 year old local girl said the area is suffering from the liquor menace for almost a decade now and the youths are spoiling their lives by consuming the local made liquor. She request the police to put a stoppage on these activities and save the youths of the area.

The locals openly sold the liquor pouches and shouted slogans against the business. They destroyed the pouches on the road and request the police to stop it. Young children also joined the protest and demand to stop the menace. A 10 year old girl said the liquor spoiled the families in the area as people beat up their family members and abuse them after consumed it. They all demand to shut down the flourishing liquor business in their area.


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