National Safety Day 2021

Pledge to make cities smoke free as part of World No Tobacco Day celebration

Every year more and more people add to the list of tobacco related diseases and still  neglect to implement the healthy lifestyle in their daily routine. Every year 31st May is celebrated as World No Tobacco Day (WNTD) all across the world spreading the message of harmful effects of tobacco on peoples health and discourage the use of it in any form.

The focus of this year World No Tobacco Day  is focused on “tobacco and lung health”  where the awareness will tell people about the negative impact of tobacco on people’s lung health from cancer, chronic and respiratory disease. The campaign also call for action to reduce tobacco consumption and engaging everyone to fight for tobacco control.

Vadodara the cultural city of Gujarat also takes the initiative to make the city smoke free with a unique installation on the popular Chakli Circle to spread awareness among people. Supported by ONGC Petro addition Ltd (OPAL) as part of their CSR, the installation is a huge cigarette model hanging from top giving message about using tobacco is like inviting DEATH. The city police commissioner, municipal commissioner and respected citizens unveil the installation on 31st May the day celebrating as World No Tobacco Day.

The programme also see the participation from school children and NGOs where children get appraisal certificates and Placards given to all participants. A Signature campaign is also organise on huge flex banners taking pledge about not consume tobacco. Footfall is also encouraged to sign it too.

The unique installation at major road junction aims for maximum visibility and awareness of ANTI TOBACCO messages spread in the city especially in today’s youth. A vehicle with messages also travel throughout the city with brochures and create awareness on the road.

A similar programme is also held in Bharuch where the installation will be done at popular traffic junction. The aim is to spread maximum awareness in people about the ill effects of tobacco on the physical well being.


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