Unique celebration of Guru Purnima in Devyaniraje Gaekwad school


Children worship their mothers and mother land

Guru Purnima is the occasion where we pay respects to our teachers and gurus helping us climb the ladder of success in life. The day is observed all across the country on full moon day where we worship our path bearers and remember them.

Devyaniraje Gaekwad School in Vadodara celebrate the day by paying respects to their mothers and mother land. Children from nursery to KG pay respect and homage to their mother who is the real path bearer in their lives. She is the one who makes them introduce to the real world outside and taking care of all their needs.

The students worship their mothers offered them sweets and touch their feet to take blessings. Afterwards they offer saplings to them along with handmade cards. The students done Matru Bhumi Poojan in order to save environment and took oath to nurture the saplings they give to their mothers.

“We celebrate Guru Purnima in unique way where the children pay respects to their first teacher their mother. They offered sweets, take their blessings and offered them saplings with a oath to nurture them and save the mother earth. Mother is the first teacher of everyone and mother earth gives us many things from food to shelter. The students worship both and celebrate the day in a perfect way,” said Dr. Tushar Bhonsle Principal Devyaniraje Gaekwad School.


  1. Devyaniraje Gaekwad school always do many activities related to society at large. Education to students apart from books there are other subjects to be taught to make society healthy and happy which DRGSchool is doing. Keep up.


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