Unique birthday – New Year celebration at old age home

National Safety Day 2021

It might have been just another celebration of a birthday with party with friends for youngster Anurag Pandey, a resident of Ankleshwar, but he celebrated this special day on Friday with 60-odd senior citizens whom he took to lunch.

Anurag, a regular visitor at Bharuch based old age home, wishes to do something more for the elderly in whom he sees his own parents.

Senior citizens at old age home expressed happiness saying “ today when kids are not even sparing time for own parents but people like Anurag spend entire day with we all and had food with us is a great moment of happiness in our second inning of life.

Anurag makes it a point to snatch time off his busy schedule to visit the old age home. “We earn everyday and spend it faster than we earn. Where is the time to see the happiness? I feel that the elderly are part of my extended family where I can go for emotional support,” he said.


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