The rising cases of corona in Vadodara creates fear like environment in people and the administration is making every effort to control the transition. In between such situation a family unable to find an ambulance was forced to take the body of the deceased relative on a handcart for last rites.

As per available details, a 65 year-old woman died of natural causes in a family living near Nagarwada vegetable market. The family members approached government agencies and institutions providing ambulance services in Vadodara. But they don’t get any as all the ambulances were busy carrying the dead to the crematorium as well as transporting critically ill corona patients to the hospital.

As no ambulance was arranged the family finally placed the body on a handcart and take it for funeral at Khaswadi crematorium. They cover around one and half kilometers from Nagarwada and passers by were also shocked to see the body being taken like this to the crematorium. The family was also saddened to take the body of their relative in such a manner for the last rites. On the other hand, the incident became a topic of discussion in the area.


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