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Umeta Rajwada off road event at Vadodara this Sunday

Umeta Rajwada off road event at Vadodara this Sunday

40 to 50 modified riders from Gujarat will drive in three categories to win the event

Vadodara will witness off road event on challenging

path and sand dunes at the banks of Mahisagar river this Sunday. Around 40 to

50 modified 4×4 and SUV's from Gujarat will take part in the event testing the

driving skills of the participants.

Organised by Vadodara Automotive Racing and

Vadodara 4×4 Path Finder, the event is known as Umeta Rajwada testing the

skills of drivers on sand dunes and challenging off road. The event will be

held in 5 to 6 stages and will be time based where the participants have to

complete the task in given time slot. Flags and lollypop will give participants

the chance to hit the jackpot and extra points to win the task.

The event will be organised in there categories of

1700cc, 1700 to 2500cc and above 2500cc and SUV. The event will be a

challenging task for the drivers to drive their modified vehicles in off road

events and also gives the onlookers a visual treat to see the 4×4 and SUV's

performing at their best to win Umeta Rajwada.

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