Ultramodern luxury coach Anubhuti to give plane like features to passengers


Passengers from Vadodara has a reason to smile as the Ahmedabad Mumbai Shatabdi express with attached Anubhuti coach arrived at the railway station in the afternoon on Wednesday. The coach less with ultra modern facilities is one more step towards providing aeroplane like luxury to the passengers travel by premium trains in the country.

The coach having facilities like ergonomically designed reclining seats with foot rests, Automatic IC sliding doors, Improved modular bio toilets with hands-free taps, Overhead reading light for individual seat, GPS based passenger system, LCD Infotainment TV Screen, Attendant call buttons and others is the new definition of luxury in Indian railways.

The fare of the Anubhuti coach is around 2% higher than the normal fare of the train and to enjoy the facilities people least care about it. Vinod Kothari from Vadodara specially booked the tickets online to enjoy the ride in the coach along with his wife. He said after the announcement he want to feel the luxury and hence specially travel till Mumbai to enjoy the facilities inside the anubhuti coach.

Another passenger Shiv Kumar also appreciates the facilities inside the coach which he enjoys during his first ride inside the ultra modern coach.



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