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Ultra modern old age home for lonely senior citizens near Vadodara

Ultra modern old age home for lonely senior citizens near Vadodara

A search for care school for his sons inspire a industrialist from Vadodara to open a special old age home for people till 55 years. The old age home with ultra modern facilities is one of its kind where the tenants can avail luxurious life style and kill their loneliness by spend time with children.

Yes we are talking about 'Grand Nest' a home away from home where the lonely old age couples can spend their time with children from the special school nearby. The facility is situated at Lilora village at Waghodia where the senior citizens enjoy the ultra modern four star luxury and spend some time happily.

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The old age home is brain child of industrialist Jyeshtha Ram Kathani where the senior citizens can enjoy their home away from home. Before that he built Anmol Special School for mentally challenged people upto the age of 55 years at Jarod. The school was formed in 2006 and only school in India to have ISO 9002 certification.

How the idea came to his mind to built a old age home he said he originally lives in Mumbai and after completing his engineering he went to US. He has two sons but the destiny has some other thoughts as both of them are 70 % mentally challenged.

It's shocking for him but somehow he gathered courage and accept it as his destiny. He searched good schools for his sons but failed to find any. Later he went to Junagadh where he found the institute good for his children. But the principal told him that after him who will take care of his children and that very thought changed his mind and he decides to start his own school.

In his school 45 other mentally challenged people are living along with his both the children which gives him a mental peace.

Now extend further he starts the facility called Grand Nest where the economically sound old age people can live with others. They live the life of loneliness as their children lives in abroad or other places.

They can interact with the children living in the school and forget their loneliness while the children can get the care and affection of parents from them.

The old age home has facility to accommodate 26 senior citizens where they can opt for double bed and four persons per room fully air-conditioning. One can avail the facility by paying 25,000 for single and 45,000 for double bed per month along with 1 lakh deposit.

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