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Udat Abeel Gulal Singing and Instrumental Event at CHARUSAT

Udat Abeel Gulal Singing and Instrumental Event at CHARUSAT

Celebrating the Festival of Colours - Holi 2020, Udat Abeel Gulal a Cultural Event Singing and Instrumental was organized at CHARUSAT. A Team of 6 renowned Mumbai based Artists led by Pandit Snehal Muzoomdar performed at the event. It was a Santoor Veena Jugalbandhi interwoven with Hindustani and Carnatic Vocal, Hori Rasiya and others.

Snehal Muzoomdar is a Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountant and LLB. He is also a well-known Santoor exponent and also regularly writes articles and columns in News Papers on music, literature and taxation and has written many books. His popular weekly column "Tirkit Dha" in Janmabhoomi - Pravasi has completed 19 years and is still going strong. He has given number of performances in India and overseas. He is also the President of the prestigious Indian Musicological Society and Indo US Cultural Council.

Muzoomdar was accompanied by 5 other artists, Narayan Mani, Shraddha Shridharani, Nupur Joshi, Dinesh Kumar and Shri Sapan Anjaria, who have worked and provided their music, services in Movies and TV Serials. Some of them have been prestigious National Awardees. More than 270 CHARUSAT Family Members – Executives, Principals, Faculty, Staff and Students rejoiced the event.

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