Will cover every state to reach maximum females

Two women riders is on a mission to spread awareness about breast and cervical cancer in people. Starting from Bangalore both of them will cover all India in their tour and try to reach maximum females in their quest to aware them about deadly diseases.

Poonam Nawle and Namrata set out on their bikes for their first ever motorcycle ride carrying a social cause. Both are spreading the message of breast and cervical cancer among women they met onwards their ride. Starting from Bangalore on 1st September both reached Vadodara on the 7th day covered Goa and Maharashtra. Both get a warm welcome as they reached near historical Kamatibaug.

“I had a passion of riding and always dream of cover all India on my bike. As we plan the ride, being a physiotherapist I want to include a medical cause and set out on a mission to aware people about both the diseases. After oral cancer breast and cervical cancer are the most deadly and we are meeting people specially the ladies who hesitate to come out and most of the time hide the symptoms due to stigma. Since we start our ride people are coming to us with their problems and we share the details which they lack regarding the symptoms related to both diseases,” said Dr. Namrata Singh physiotherapist by profession.

Another rider Poonam Navle is from Vadodara and moves to Bangalore for a job. His parents are still living here in the city. “We started from Bangalore and will cover all the 28 states, nine Union Territories in 180 days of our journey. We will cover nearly 150 cities in our 40,000kms journey interacting with people and share the knowledge about breast and cervical cancer. The aim is to make them aware about the disease before it can be life threatening,” said Navle.

From here the riders will cover Gujarat till Kutch and moves to Rajasthan, Agra, Delhi, Amritsar, Jammu and Kashmir, Leh, Laddakh and other states moving clockwise in their mission.


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