“We need the government who can strongly work for the Transgender community including Transmen and Transwomen in Gujarat. Comparing to other states very less work in this area happens and lots more to be done. I also want one of our representatives in the government body who can think about us,” said Manvi Vaishnav a transwoman who will vote for the first time in upcoming assembly elections. She hopes for better facilities for the community from the new government.

Like Manvi Vaishnav another transwoman Akruti Patel also vote in the upcoming elections for the third time. The two transwomen from Vadodara wish to represent their community at the government level and wish they grow in Gujarat also. Both will vote on 14thDecember and hope the new government will look into their development just like the other states of India does.“As a transwoman I vote for the first time but it’s more of a responsibility rather than the excitement. Everyone in Gujarat is talking about the reservation of their respective communities but none of them mentioning us in their speech. I wish one of our representative be in the government body to help the community grow,” said Manvi Vaishnav.On the other side Akruti Patel is voting for the third time as transwoman and wants the government strongly work towards the benefit of their community. “Like other states Gujarat in far behind to implement schemes and other facilities for us. There is no welfare board for us and also we are not getting services in the government hospitals both subsidise and free. I vote for the government who looks for the wellbeing of a minority community like us and helps us grow,” said Akruti Patel.