Two students injured in a freak incident during youth fest


A freak incident happened inside MSU on Saturday when two students get injured after came in contact with a passing activa. The students are running on the road as part of a treasure hunt contest when they met with the accident and got injured.

As per the details the Unit building of MSU celebrate youth festival and a treasure hunt was organised as part of it on Saturday. Two participating students run on the road for searching the treasure and came in contact with a passing activa. Both of them got Injured and immediately rushed to the nearby medical facility.

The incident shocked other students as the enjoyment of a festival turns into such a tragedy. The students leaders also take serious note of the incident and held the organisers responsible for it.

“They organised the event on their own and we don’t have any information about the same. Moreover there were no volunteers available there to avoid such incident as it’s the common road there. However we take serious note of it and will give a memorandum to the dean,” said Vraj Patel FGS Commerce faculty MSU Vadodara.


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