Thanked the administration to rescued them safely from their apartment

After the days of ordeal in Kerala the two students from Vadodara reached their home safely and thanked the administration to rescued them safely from their apartment. Bhaumik Raj still remember the days he and his friend spent at their house without any food and electricity.

Bhaumik Raj and Parikshit Pandya went there to pursue Sound Engineering course in Kochi and stuck there in the apartment due to waterlogging outside. Both lives in 5th floor and facing the worse situation for last five days living without food and water. The apartment they lives is inside 15foot water and they don’t have any option but to wait for the help.

“Rain started from 14th August and the water started to increase due to continuous downpour in our area. We are hopeful that rain would stop but it continues. The water level of Periyad river also increased and the water reached till first floor of the apartment we live. There was no option but to wait for the help to arrive,” said Bhaumik.

Bhaumik said the next days were like a bad dream for them as the heavy downpour and water continuosly increased in their area and slowly the essential items get finished.

“There was no electricity and the mobiles were discharged which makes us helpless to get in touch with our family and friends. We use the backup power from the laptops to recharge our mobiles and then contact the rescue agencies and our families. We live without any food for days and surivived on just water,” added Bhaumik.

He also said that in one or more ocassion they climbed to the terrace of their apartment to get help from the helicopter distributing food packets but it doesn’t work. Finally they were rescued on 19th with the help of a boat and reached their home in Vadodara. They are waiting for one month as the situation will get normal in the time and then will return to Kerala for their studies.


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