body of one found

 Two students one from MSU and another one from Babaria drowned inside Mahisagar river near Lachanpur on Wednesday. They are celebrating the birthday of their friend at the spot and while enjoying the bath both drowned and died.

Hardik Kalsaria studying Bsc in MSU and Nitin Vala studying Computer Engineering in Babaria institute accompanied another youths to celebrate a birthday party of one of their friend there at Lachanpur.

As per the details provided by the locals the friends went inside the river for bath but Nitin and Hardik soon started to drown in deep water. The other two shouted for help and the local swimmers rushed to rescue them but they drowned in the flow.

The swimmers searched for them and later found the body of Hardik Kalseria while Nitin was yet to be found and search is on to trace him.

Both the friends are said to be from Surat and went there to celebrate the birthday of one of their friend. Savli police also reached the spot and investigating in the matter.