National Safety Day 2021

Administration dig it for safety wall

Two girl students fell inside the ditch dug by the administration on Karodiya Bajwa road in Vadodara. Both are admitted to the hospital for treatment.

As per the details the Karodiya Bajwa road was damaged heavily and to stop it the administration is making a safety wall there. The work is going on to make the safety wall and the administration also dug a ditch there for the same.

However on Monday two girls fell inside the ditch while on their way to their tution class. As they shouted for help the locals rushed to the spot and rescued the girls. They were later shifted to the hospital in a 108 ambulance. The families also rushed to the spot and had a sigh of relief as the girls received minor injuries.

The locals raised their protest against the contractor for not taking any safety measures for the local people. They put allegations on him for not putting any warning signs there at the spot which leads to the incident. They demand for strict action against the contractor.


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