Two prisoners escaped from the prisoners Ward no.13 from the SSG hospital on Tuesday. The prisoners used Haksaw blades to cut the Bathroom iron bars and escaped from the ward. A complaint is registered in the Raopura police station and further investigation is on to trace them.

Raopura police station PI F.K. Jogal said that two prisoners no. 83580 and 839883 were admitted in the SSG hospital prisoners Ward no. 13 for treatment.


Four prisoners in which Sabur Damor 20 from Dahod Garbada for murder and rape, Raju Ninama 35 from Kharida village for rape, permanent prisoner Arvind Parmar 32 from Anand and Lala Maliwad 20 from Dahod sub jail were brought to the prisoners Ward and under treatment.

Last Monday night Head Constable Becharbhai Parmar and Police Constable Kishor Patil was on night duty. At around 10 pm the nurse came to give medicines to all the prisoners and at 11 pm they locked the door of the bathroom with the handcuffs.


At around 1.30 to 1.45 am Sabur Damor told the Head Constable Becharbhai Parmar on duty that he is suffering from lose motion and request him to open the bathroom door. After that he went three times inside the bathroom.

At around 5 am Head Constable Becharbhai Parmar checked the ward and shocked to see Sabur Damor and Raju Ninama missing from their beds. He immediately informed his colleague on duty Kishor Patil. Both open the main door and searched but didn’t found them.  They asked the another two Arvind Parmar and Lala Maliwad but they denied to knew anything about them.


They then checked the bathroom and found the window rodes were cut and both escaped from there. The on duty policemen then informed the Raopura police and they reached the spot and with the help of dog squad start their investigation.

PI Jogal said that a offence of negligence on duty has been registered against the two on duty policemen and also a offence is registered against the two prisoners.


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