Two loot cases reported in Vadodara


Two cases of loot reported in Vadodara city where in the first incident accused attacked a person with knife and looted the jewellery wore by his wife and inside the Almirah along with the mobile phone. In the second incident three persons looted a truck driver after beat him near Airforce bridge on NH 8 last night.

In the first incident the accused attacked a person with knife after the he refused to give money which he took from the accused. The accused looted the jewellery wore by his wife and inside the Almirah along with the mobile phone from the house.

Dharmesh Dalwadi living in Subhanpura area of the city is living with his family and sometime earlier notorious Pankaj Arya went to his home demanding his money which Dalwadi took from him. At that time he promised to give the money soon and they left. However yesterday on Wednesday night Pankaj Arya’s three men reached Dalwadi house along with weapons and demand the money back.

The three men demand money and also talked to Pankaj Arya’s on his mobile phone. Dharmesh Dalwadi refused to give any money which angered the trio and they beat Dalwadi and one of them attacked him with a knife.

The accused then looted the jewellery wore by his wife and inside the Almirah along with the mobile phone and ran away.

According to the information Pankaj Arya was involved in the kidnapping of farm house owner near Bil village Padra and demand 35 lakhs ransom money from the farmhouse owner. The police later freed the owner from the clutches of kidnappers.

Dharmesh Dalwadi registered the complaint against Pankaj Arya and three persons in the Diwalipura police station.

In the second incident three accused was beating a truck driver near Airforce bridge on NH 8 and in the meantime a transport owner came to help him. The three then also beat him and looted 50,000 from him and ran away. This is the second such incident in one week and the Wednesday incident was recorded in the CCTV camera installed in the Airforce station. Harni police get the CCTV footage and further investigating.

Jaypal Bhoparam Bambu living in Jay Yogeshwar township no. 2 in C-17 and running a transport business in the name of Puja Road Carriers near Darjipura.

Last Wednesday night around 11pm Jaypal was going back home on his bike when suddenly three persons on a white car beating up a truck driver and cleaner and try to loot them.

Jaypal who was passing by asked them why they beat them and tried to intervene. The accused asked him if he is a policeman and denying they beat him up and when he tried to note down the number they further beat him and robbed 50,000 and a mobile from him.

In his police complaint he further said that he shouted for help when the trio beat him but they ran away with the cash and mobile before anyone reached to help him. They threw the mobile on the road. Harni police is further investigating.


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