Two girls from Vadodara decides not do shopping and celebrate their birthdays


Donate the money to Coronavirus PMcare relief fund

Two girls from Vadodara put forward a inspirational example before others as they both decides not to do shopping and celebrate their birthdays this year. Their parents decides to donate the money saved from this decision to Coronavirus PMcare relief fund. District collector also appreciate the two girls and tweeted the news on social media.

More stories of human compassion and service are coming out during the Corona crisis. One such story of two young girls came to light in Vadodara which shows their compassion towards the county and service to mankind. The daughters from Bhatt family after listening the PM’s address to nation decides not to celebrate thir birthday this year which falls in the month of July.

Both made a pledge before their father Yash Bhatt and mother Smita Bhatt for not go shopping and celebrate their birthdays which falls in the month of July. They also asked their parents to contribute the amount along with their own contribution to PM’s Relief Fund.

Overwhelmed with the decision the parents immediately decide to donate 1 Lakh in the PM Care Relief Fund. Smita Bhatt reached the collector office on Thursday and deposited the amount with District Collector Shalini Agrawal.

Smita Bhatt said that its their duty to help the nation in the hour of crisis and they did not imagine that their young daughters show such high sense of responsibility towards the nation. At a very young age they inspire all and they are proud of them.

The District Collector also applauded the sentiments of the two little girls and tweeted it on social media.

One particular thing is that both Sarva and Durva have different birth years but the date of birth is the same on July 7th. This will probably be the first time that the family will not celebrate their birthday but the upcoming all their birthdays will give them loads of happiness. Their father is a CA and mother is CS.


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