Two doctors from SSG show devotion towards their duty

The fight with Covid is still going on and we came through many silent and selfless warriors fighting the battle with dedication. The only aim for them is to take care about well being of the citizens and discharge their duties above all.

Two doctors from SSG Vadodara show the same dedication towards the well being of citizens and resume their duties immediately after personal loss in their families. During the review meeting at SSG Hospital OSD Dr. Vinod Rao came to know about them a deeply touched by the gesture.

Sharing the two instances be said, Dr Rahul Parmar from PSM Department who is a Nodal Officer for COVID Management lost his mother in Gandhinagar. He finished the rituals of cremation and joined  back for duty the very next day on Friday. 

In the second incident Associate Professor, Dr Shilpa Patel’s mother passed away on Thursday. She attended cremation rituals and joined COVID duty immediately the next morning on Friday.

Dr. Rao appreciated the efforts of both COVID Warriors for displaying great personal commitment and devotion to duty. He salute all such silent and selfless warriors fighting this long and tiring battle since last one year.


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