Two days ST mass CL affects board students in Vadodara

National Safety Day 2021

Its not the good news for the students specially from the rural areas who are appearing for their board exams startting from Wednesday.

The State Transport employees called for a two days Mass CL starting from 15thmidnight. Thousands of employees including bus drivers, conductors and mechanics will go for Mass CL which will effect and add more pressure in the minds of board students.

The three unions ST Employees Union (INTUC), ST Workers Federation (Majoor Mahajan), ST Bhartiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS) called for the mass CL from 15th midnight for two days. The buses enroute at the same time stops at the place as it is and the whole machinery of the ST comes to a halt for two days 16th and 17th March 2016.

In Vadodara the Sankalan Samiti made from all the three commitees met the top officials including the transport minister for their demands. However they are are not satisfied with the outcome and called for mass CL for two days in the time of board exams.

The union members shouted slogans at the Baroda division office on Tuesday and pressed for their demands. “For many years we are pressing our demands like implementation of 6th pay commission as well as the 7th pay commission, GPS systems in buses which create problems for the drivers and many more 91 in total demands. After many talks and representations to the officials our demands are not addressed. We also give a 15 days notice to the officials on 2nd March but still it is not addressed and we decide to go on Mass CL from 15th midnight,” said Ajit Patel President ST Employees Union.

The worst affected with this descision are the students who are appearing for their board exams starting from 15thMarch. Specially the students from rural areas will feel the heat as now they have to manage private transport to reach to the exam centers. The ST employees aplogised to the students and their parents for the suffering.

“We apologised to the board students and their parents for the problems they will face due to the mass CL of ST employees. But we already issued the guidelines to our employees to help the board students stuck up due to this. We decide to drop the students at their exam venue on our private vehicles if we find anyone stuck up en route. We hereby also request the ST officials to met our demands early to stop such problems faced by the people and the board students in the time of need,” said Patel.

However the ST officials are keeping their fingers crossed due to the ST mass CL and tries to sort out or find a middle way. There are total seven depots Baroda, Padra, Waghodia, Karjan, Dabhoi, Bodeli and Chhotaudepur under Baroda division and out of 1987 employees almost more then 80% staff is on mass CL.

“The situation is grim as the time of the mass CL is in the time of board exams and we are just keeping our finger crossed. We are in talks with the VMC to help in the situation and provide their buses to ply on the routes to help the board students. However we are waiting for their reply and till then we are waiting for the situation to get under control,” said P.M. Patel Divisional controller Vadodara.

Whatever be the demands and strike of ST employees but the board students will have to face another problem during their board exams. Now they have to manage private transport to reach their centers atleast for two days of ST strike.



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