In a shocking case show cause notice was served to two blood banks in Vadodara for giving HIV, Hepatitis B and C infected blood to the patients.

Suraktam Blood Bank and Indu Blood Bank were served notice and to close down all operations. However Indu Blood Bank still continue it’s operations regularly.


Suraktam Blood Bank trustee R.B. Bhesaniya said that it’s a human error and due to computer software in Alaiza machine and we are not in the fault. “After the FDCA laboratory notice we closed down our all operations and we are just distributing the blood which stored with us and that too with order. We already closed down all our work and send the detailed reply to us and ordered to take the samples of all donors once again,” said Dr. Bhesaniya.


Dr. Bhesaniya said the report print out from the computer showed it as positive and the its all due to the computer software installed inside the Alaiza Machine. “Dur to the technical error the negative report of the patients also showed positive in the print. After that we conducted rapid test for Jaundice and HIV but there also the report came negative. We called the donors and recheck their samples in two laboratories and the report came negative. We are not in fault and never give infected blood to any of the patients. Its just the technical error and we already repaired it,” said Dr. Bhesaniya.


He further added that till the FDCA give orders their laboratory will not doing any work and we are just giving away the 450 unit blood stored with us and that too as per orders. The lab is closed from 23rd December 2016.

However the owner of Indu Blood Bank and BJP leader Dr. Vijay Shah said in a telephonic conversation that their bank is regularly working and as far as the notice is concerned they have 15 days time to reply and that they will give. We are not in any fault and never give any infected blood to anyone. We don’t know the reason of the notice and will reply to them.




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