Micro-blogging website Twitter has launched a new version of its app for digital media players — Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and for Microsoft’s video game console Xbox One — allowing users to see live streaming video available on Twitter.

The app is free and users do not have to create a Twitter account and will feature all the live streaming video available on the network.

“NFL’s Thursday Night Football games will all be streamed free via the app as well as content from MLB, the NBA, and media organisations including Bloomberg News,” technology website The Verge reported on Wednesday.

Twitter’s Apple TV app will have a unique feature that allows users to watch live video and Tweeted video clips, side by side.

The app will be available globally via the App Store for Apple TV.

For the Xbox One, the app will be available in the US, Britain, Australia, Brazil, Canada, and Mexico.

For Amazon’s Fire TV and the Fire TV Stick the app will be available only in the US and Britain.