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Turkey Military attempts coup, People gathered to protest against soldiers

Turkey Military attempts coup, People gathered to protest against soldiers

According to media reports, Turkish Military attempts coup on government of president Erdogan.

Turkish military’s tanks with soldiers arrived in the capital Ankara and tanks open firer around Turkish parliament building. Also Turkish military helicopter open fired at national intelligence HQ and two

loud explosion heard in center of Ankara. Capital Ankara lightened due to bomb attacks, military aircraft drops bomb near Turkish presidential palace in Ankara.

17 police officers and 42 people killed in Ankara during coup attempt.Even they thrown bomb at Turkish parliament in Ankara.13 People tried to enter president’s palace and they have been arrested.

Military attempts coup at Istanbul also but there people gathered on streets on Istanbul to protest against Turkish soldiers. Police and military exchanged fire in Istanbul’s Taksim square.

Turkey's president Erdogan said on a situation that, “minority in our military forces targeted integrity and unity of Turkey. More than 120 have been arrested over coup attempt. I’m with my people. I am not

going anywhere. There is still a small disturbance in Ankara,hopefully will be overcome soon”

US secretary of state John Kerry said, “I hope there will be stability and peace and continuity within Turkey.”

Sushma Swaraj tweeted “India calls upon all sides to support democracy, mandate of the ballot and avoid bloodshed. We have been closely following the developments in Turkey”.

EU chief urge for the ‘swift return’ to constitution in Turkey.

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