Truck overturned near Vadodara caused heavy traffic jam last night


A middle aged man died after knocked down by unknown vehicle near Varnama

A truck loaded with manure overturned on National Highway No. 8 at night, causing a traffic jam for hours. The truck overturned on the way from Ahmedabad to Surat, causing long queues of vehicles on the road.

Apart from this, a middle-aged man crossing the road near Varnama was killed by an unidentified vehicle. The police had registered a case of accident in connection with the incident.

A truck full of manure traveling from Ahmedabad to Surat overturned near L&T on national highway yesterday night causing a major traffic jam. Vehicles moving from Ahmedabad to Surat comes to a halt as the truck overturned in the middle of the road. Police rushed to the spot and with the help of a crane remove the truck from the road. It was also difficult to lift the truck from the crane as there were bags of compost in the truck. As a result long queues of vehicles began on the road.

As a result of the accident, long queues of vehicles were seen and they were diverted to the city by the police. The vehicles were diverted from Sardar Estate Char Rasta to Parivar Char Rasta, Soma Lake Bridge and Tarsali Chowkdi Bypass. As traffic was diverted in the city, traffic was jammed on the road from Ajwa Chokdi to Sardar Estate Char Rasta and from Sardar Estate Char Rasta to Vrindavan Char Rasta.

Notably no casualties were reported in the incident which took place at night. The truck driver left the truck and fled. Bapod police have registered a case and initiated action regarding the incident.

Apart from this, Manubhai Govindbhai Vasava (H50), a resident of Varnama village, was killed in an accident near the new bus stand on National Highway No. 48. Manubhai was crossing the road and knocked by a speeding vehicle passing from there.

Manubhai’s son Chandrakant Vasava, had lodged a complaint at the Varanasi police station. Police registered a case against the unidentified driver on the basis of the complaint. A pall of gloom spread in the Navi Nagri area of Varnama over the incident.


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