Near 30 kms away from Jambusar in Varej village 60 tribal families comprised of nearly 400 people are living for years. In 1995 they moved here from Sandhva district Alirajpur in MP after they lost their lands in Narmada dam construction work.

Government provided 5 acres of land and open plots for house construction to them after they moved here. The Bhilala clan living here is involved in farming and animal husbandry and celebrate Navratri, Holi, Dhuleti, Divasa as their important festivals.

The Divasa festival starts from raining where as per the tradition they don’t eat vegetables like lady finger, Corn, Tuver. In the day time no one can tie grass bundles inside the field. The Patel of the village worship in daytime and the villagers gather and give offerings. After the puja they use the vegetables grown inside the field.

They used various weapons and as Navratri begins started cleaning their house and tools after the daily puja. They give their time and involve themselves for the preparations of Navratri.

They celebrate the festival of Navratri with great enthusiasm and wear traditional dress along with the jewellery and celebrate the festival for ten days. They worship Maa Amba and dance to the tunes of garba.

They started the garba with Ekdhari Dandiya and Hath taali and dance without taking any break in between. The traditional unique garba is the center of attraction in the Taluka and people visit there in big number to see and enjoy it.

The sevak observe fast from the first day of Navratri to Dussehra with everyone helps each other in their happiness and sorrows. The tribals kept alive their years old tradition here and that gives and example of our rich hindu culture.


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