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Tribal Arts and crafts of eight states on display at MSU Fine Arts

Tribal Arts and crafts of eight states on display at MSU Fine Arts

It’s an exhibition worth watching in the MSU Fine Arts Faculty showcasing the tribal arts of different states at one place. Tribal Artists and craftspersons from West Bengal, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Gujarat gathered at one place to show their arts and crafts created by them.

35 Tribal artists lots of them women creates some beautiful artwork like paintings, wooden sculptures and masks, woven chattai from reed and grass, clay dolls and jewellery, bead work, woven textiles, painted dupattas, bags and coin purses, and lots of functional and decorative items. These artists from Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Odisha, and Karnataka showcase their artwork in the exhibition cum sale organised at the Faculty of Fine Arts exhibition hall on 17 -18 January. Earlier all the artists attends a workshop organized by Bhasha Research and Publication Centre, Vadodara, at the Adivasi Academy, Tejgadh before the exhibition.

On display and sale are paintings made by artists from the Warli, Rathwa (Pithora), Gondi-Bhil communities, Manjusha and Madhubani paintings, Hase Chittars from Karnataka, Pattachitra from West Bengal, Saora paintings, Madur-Sabai grass and reed chattais, dance/ritual masks, clay work, tribal jewellery, and much more.

The artists are from West Bengal -- Satyajit Paul and Suman Biswas (Clay Dolls), Suchand Besra and Bharati Dutta (Sabai Grass Products), Gurupada Mana (Madur Weaving), Tulu Sarkar (Wooden Masks), Goutam Baishya (Bamboo Masks), Jahuran Chitrakar (Pattachitra); from Odisha -- Jogi Sabar (Saora Painting); from Madhya Pradesh -- Arjun Pareste and Devi Singh (Sculpture), Pradeep Marawi (Gondi painting), Dhaneshwari Marawi (Gondi Painting and Relief work on plywood), Manoj and Santoshi Tekam (Relief work on plywood), Dubu Bariya and Sharma Bariya (Pithora Chitra), Desing Dhurwe and Sudasmasinh Marawi (Jute Work); from Maharashtra, Meenakshi Vadeya, Rajendra Vadeya and Nilesh Rajad (Warli Painting); from Karnataka -- Jayaram K. H. (Hase Chittara); from Bihar -- Shubhash Kumar, Anjana Kumari (Manjusha Painting), Sharwan Pasvan and Krishna Kumar (Madhubani Painting); from Gujarat -- Balubhai Rathwa (wooden Sculpture), Bachliben Parsing Rathwa and Leelaben Haribhai Rathwa (Beadwork), Mansing Jamsing Rathwa, Desing Rathwa and Laljibhai Rathwa (Pithora Painting), two women artists from SAHAJ, Dahod (Bead jewellery); and from Rajasthan -- Bishna Ram and Nayana Ram, (Ravan hattha maker- artists and musicians).

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