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Traditional Gujarati cuisine

Traditional Gujarati cuisine

Often referred to as ‘the jewel of Western India,” the state of Gujarat ensures a huge range of seafood for lying on the coastline since the beginning of time. But due to the influence of the Jain philosophy and culture, it has primarily made the state a vegetarian one and has barred communities from incorporating non vegetarian items such as chicken, mutton, sea food, eggs, etc from their platter. But even so, the traditional Gujarati cuisine serves some amazing dishes from their platter and is the paradise for vegetarians. Even meat eaters enjoy the food that Gujarat has to offer, which is potentially rich in sugar, rice and a variety of spices that make ones tongue go crazy over it.

Listed below are some of the best dishes that the traditional Gujarati cuisine has to offer.

The Gujarati Thali

The thali(meaning a platter of various food items) is famous not just in the state or in India but also outside the national boundary. It constitutes roti/chapatti, rice, a shaak (sabzi), dal (lentils), thick gravy of chickpea, dahi (yogurt) and pakodas (begetable fritters). Every bite in our mouth explodes in spices and deliciousness making it to the top of the list of Gujarati cuisines.

The Renowned Dhokla

Dhokla is made of a fermented batter constituting split chickpeas and rice. It is usually eaten as breakfast or a side dish but it sometimes makes way for main course for the Dhokla lovers.If served with hot and sweet chutney and chilies, it can give the omelet a run for the money.

The Sweetness of Basundi

It is an Indian sweet that is also found in Maharashtra and Karnataka, but mainly presiding in Gujarat. It also goes by the moniker Rabri, this dish is made with heavy milk, saffron, cardamom, custard apple and sugar. Give it a little garnishing with dry fruits and nuts, and voila indulge in the sweetness of Basundi.

The Guvar nu Shaak

It is an easy and simple yet delicious dish made with vegetables with a high health quotient. It has flattened beans, carrots and cauliflowers. Tempered with jaggery and chilies, this vegetable dish or Shaak makes it to the top of the curry list, with its variation of two vastly different tastes, mixed together to make magic. You would not know until you try it, how sweetness and hotness can be infused with veggies, making the vegetable hater fall for it.

There are various other traditional dishes that Gujarat boasts of apart from the ones mentioned here. Ever visit a Gujarati household or the place itself, indulge in their traditional cuisine and relish every bite.

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