Traditional clay lamps still in demand for diwali


Vadodara potters busy in complete the orders before the festival

The festival of lights Deepawali is round the corner and people already starts preparations to decorate their homes and surroundings. Chinese made items and lamps are in great demand due to its low price but the importance of clay lamps is still intact in this bad competitive world.

With times the clay lamps are also changing as per demand and the potters in Vadodara already has handful of orders before this Deepawali. Every year the family of potters get busy to complete the orders before diwali and try to spread the happiness in the society. In this modern and fast world the traditional clay lamps are still in demand which gives the families a source of income and save this art for future generations.

The 100 odd families living in Kumbharwada area of Vadodara specially prepare clay lamps of different styles from simple to luxurious ones. The clay lamps are also exported to foreign countries from here by the families.

Narmada Prajapati wife of a potter said the clay lamps are in great demand and they accept orders from various cities and foreign countries. “We cut, design and colour the lamps after prepration and deliver it as per orders. Fancy, chandelier, cage and tulsi style varieties are in great demand and people light it outside their homes much before the festival. Apart from Baroda we recieve orders from Surat, Bharuch, Valsad, Vapi and deliver lamps. People also took our lamps to foreign countries and decorate their homes,” added Narmada.

The clay lamps sustain their place in the demanding china made items in the city and continue the tradition for years. “The business of clay lamps surely affected by the china made lighting and plastic lamps but the traditional lamps are still in demand which gives us the confidence towards our art. The art is stil in demand and people prefer to light the traditional lamps outside their homes. There is 10 to 20% increase in price also as the clay is hard to get and also in demand,” said Vipul Prajapati.


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