Keeping alive the years old tradition and childhood memories a social activist in Vadodara Dhiru Mistry went to his nearby localities to distribute Sabras. The tradition is still following by handful of people across Gujarat.

Early morning on Friday he got up early and at this age remember his childhood days and distribute auspicious Sabras.Sabras “To remember my childhood and with mission to serve society I have decided to get up in the morning of New Year. Why ? To go out to distribute “Sabras”(salt). Sabras is considered to be an auspicious ingredient. Whatever amount I receive shall be distributed among NGOs who work for upliftment of the society. In early 50’s I used to go to sell “Sabras” shouting ” Sappar Me Dahade Sabras”. It’s a great feeling as I visited 7 houses and collected Rs.2004/- from Purushattam Nagar,” said Mistry.



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