Traders protested and went on strike closing their shops

The Vadodara Traffic Police and the Municipal Corporation encroachment team  have been working for the past one week to remove the obstruction in traffic management. As they gone to Raopura for their work and moving the obstructions, the traders protested and went on strike closing their shops.

A joint operation of the traffic police department and the team of the anti encroachment branch of the Vadodara Municipal Corporation is underway in different areas of Vadodara city since last one week to crack down on parking and traffic obstructions.

During the last two-three days, the team was working to remove obstructions in the Raopura area and there was an outrage in traders. On Saturday the team once again began their work to remove the obstructions as well as the yellow stripes that were put up for parking.

However the traders started protesting and stopped the teams in their work and there was heated arguments between them.

Upon learning the incident, senior police officials rushed to the spot and tried to persuade the traders. But they protested by closing the shops.


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