Today’s world has moved on to digital magazines. The magazines are constantly losing its attention as it is presumed as the sections of women’ issues one gets to spot in the newspapers on a daily basis. But, when you are not reading these 5 magazines, it means that you are missing out on a lot. These are the handpicked list of 5 magazines that are here to empower and inspire every woman.


If you are looking to subscribe to one of the best digital magazines, then you should be buying Senhora. This magazine covers everything under the sun. Women from all walks of life find this magazine to be very helpful. No section is neglected here and even the minor issues are given the limelight. It breaks the outlook of a normal women’s magazine. It is a magazine you should be reading if you want to see a transformed self. There are very few magazines that charge as less for the subscription as Senhora does.


Femina is one of those magazines which have touched the lives of Indian womento a great extent. The magazine was established in the year 1995 and it covers all the major topics to be focused more. The magazine publishes great content on Indian women celebrities and posts articles that motivate women to achieve better. The wonderful editor’s team of the magazines had helped it reach heights.


The magazine became a big-time hit as it decided to throw light upon the many success stories. When the success stories are generally aimed at film stars, this magazine covers success stories of women from all walks of life. This motivates and encourages the women to achieve greater heights by taking this as an inspiration. When the magazines are not inclined towards a particular gender, then it would attract a wide range of audience.

Harvard Business Review

This is one standardized women’s magazine that is aimed to inspire the budding entrepreneurs. As the magazine is from a reputed team of professors and other successful business professionals, it is sought after by everyone. There are a lot of success stories that speak about the successful women entrepreneurs. Fresh and exciting startup ideas is provided in this magazine. Business tips are also shared so that the entrepreneurs can make the best use of it.

Blogosphere Magazine

This magazine is a blessing in disguise for the women who want to make a career for themselves in blogging. Blogging is one business that empowers women as they can manage their homes and families easily. There are many who have made it big with blogging. But, there prevails a ton of doubts about blogging. This magazine briefs the A-Z of blogging. When people ask for suggestions and recommendations outside to any consultants, then they are expected to pay a certain amount. But, this magazine provides the best of the advice at such less and affordable prices. Most of the magazine’s content is free to access.

These are the top 5 Digital Magazines That Inspires & Empower Every Women.


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