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To Which Extent Technology Is Guiding Us Right

To Which Extent Technology Is Guiding Us Right

“Technology…is a queer thing. It brings you great gifts with one hand, and it stabs you in the back with other”-Carrie Snow

Isn’t this the best description someone has ever given to technology? Aren’t these the words that speak the thoughts of many of you? This way or that, it is something like that. You are living in a technological era where you can’t ignore the impact of technology. But, this is up to you whether you are on the command and use technology only for your benefit or you will be influenced by it and let it commands you.

How is a technology the boon of modern civilization? Read on to know more-

  1. You Can Always Stay Informative

Technology has made it simpler that you can stay informative no matter your geographic location. The broadband internet has made it possible. Today, almost everyone has gadgets, like smartphones, iPads, Galaxy tablets and many more. Through those, all of you can get any information from the sites, like Wikipedia, YouTube, etc. Whether you want to be entertained or it is required for research work, you can get all these just by tapping your finger.

  1. Technology Has Improved Communication

Without communicating, you can’t be the social animal. No progress would have been possible if there were no or limited means of communication. Technology has brought phone calls, emails, video calling, texting, video conferencing, e-fax, and social networking. Whether it is personal communication or for business purpose, technology has made it the simplest.

These are the blessings of technology. But, there is a darker side too.

How has technology made you more technical? Here are the facts-

  1. Joblessness

This is one of the predominating factors that has made technology villain to many of the people. As robots are doing jobs, human resources are getting outcast. For companies, it is good that they achieve new goals. But, for employees, this is really bad news.

  1. Privacy Has Been Interrupted

Social networking sites have made communication easy,and the benefits of those are uncountable. But, are those secured enough to protect your privacy? Then, why such incidents of leaking MMS or one’s personal information get leaked or hacked? These are dangerous, right?

So, you got both the negative and positive aspects of technology. It is up to you how you are going to use it and want to see the future world.

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