To give our soldiers a tribute and to motivate them, a group of youngsters collected around 500 hand made cards and sent them to the soldiers based in Uri.


The group under the banner ‘ Be the Change’ send the first lot of cards on Friday and planning to send the second lot of cards after Diwali. The concept is supported by MSU Faculty of Journalism.

After the attack in Uri sector the whole nation is showing their reactions by various means and extend their support to the soldiers. A group of youngsters in Vadodara has decided to show their respect in a very unique way by sending the soldiers hand made cards with beautiful messages for them.


“We spread the message via social media platforms and collected the cards from schools, tution classes and people from different areas of the city. Our 22 volunteers collected around 500 hand made cards with messages for the soldiers. The idea of sending hand made cards is special as by this way we can connect with the soldiers emotionally and thanked them,” said Saral Patel founder Be the Change.

On Friday the group collected the cards and post them to the Commander Headquarter 12 Inf Bde at Uri. After sending the first lot of cards the group start collecting the second lot of cards which they will send after Diwali.