HCG -The Specialist in Cancer Care has initiated #ClapForThem campaign to encourage people to quit tobacco addiction. The campaign is launched to observe World No Tobacco Day, which is marked on 31“ May every year. Under this initiative, HCG will be inaugurating a special TOBACCO CESSATION CLINIC by the hands of Rajendra Suryaprasad Trivedi, Minister for Sports, Youth Cultural activities, Pilgrimage Development, Government of Gujarat.

68500f1b-4811-4d40-bd80-f2b057471b7bThis clinic will provide free counseling to those who want to quit tobacco addiction. HCG will also introduce a unique program named LD CT program (Low Dose CT) to identify high risk individuals for lung cancer and lastly, a PAIN CLlNlC to minimize and manage the pain of the cancer fighters.

in Gujarat, 60% males and 8.4% females are addicted to tobacco in one way or another. Earlier, the prevalence of cancer due to tobacco in the 20 to 30 age group, was almost zero. Now it is 5.5%. Prevalence of cancer in passive smokers is also going up reveled a study.

321a9d5e-a83c-4fe0-9c95-565a1b088700Thus, HCG has conceptualization #clapforthem a unique initiative, that caters to following three perspectives:

1. Prevention Tobacco Cessation Clinic focusing on prevention of cancer by providing free counseling to tobacco addicts. An experienced Psycho Oncologist will be available to help addicts quit habit of tobacco consumption by analyzing the reason(s) of initiation and the factors that will motivate them to quit it.

2. Early Detection LD CT program (Low Dose CT) will help in screening of high risk individuals for lung cancer. There are many factors that make a person vulnerable to lung cancer and early detection will help them to reduce the exposure to these risk factors. HCG will conduct the LD CT at a confessional package to observe World No Tobacco Day. This will help in early detection, better treatment & improved quality of life

3. Psychological Support The Pain Clinic will provide psychological support to the cancer fighters by devising personalized pain management treatment to minimize the pain, arising during or after cancer treatment.

c67f40bf-19d4-47e2-9b07-6bf620a64354Sharing more about the campaign, Dr. Rajiv Bhatt, Director; HCG Cancer Centre Vadodara added that ”We are quite serious in fighting the menace of tobacco in the society. Cancer is adversely affecting us and it’s time that we must take some steps to fight this disease. This is the reason that HCG has come out with a complete campaign #ClapForThem to help people quit the habit of tobacco addiction. Inauguration of Tobacco cessation clinic is a remarkable step in our fight against cancer, as it will provide free counseling to those who wish to quit tobacco addiction.

Along with this, we are launching Low Dose CT program and Pain Clinic for early detectlon of lung cancer and manage the pain of cancer fighters. We wish to build a cancer free nation by taking such reforming steps.“



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