According to some experts there are many ways to re-purpose summer clothes in winter season.

Sleeveless shouldn’t be shunned: Make almost all sleeveless summer things cold- proof by wearing a turtleneck under them .A turtleneck   is to winter what a T- shirt is to summer.

Sweatshirts can save dresses: If the idea of turtleneck doesn’t sit well with you, pull a cute sweatshirt over dresses to make them cold- weather friendly.

Add tights to the look if the chill is gnawing at your legs.

Skirts and shorts do metamorphose : Though considered quintessentially summer, skirts and shorts can make a statement in chilly weather as well. Wear them with tights or thigh –high boots and add structure to the look with a jacket.

Prints peekaboo: Even playful spring prints can be put to good use during this season. Wear them under pullovers or cardigans to add a hint of interest at the cuffs or collar.

Summer sandals stay : we all love boots but that’s no reason to discard summer sandals. Wear patterned socks with anything open or peep – toed.


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