After a terrible hot summer season monsoon have arrived with lots of expectations for farmers of India. Monsoon season is also called as the “Season of love”, because the atmosphere becomes very romantic and cool during rainy season, and the couples falls in love once again in this atmosphere. But to enjoy this season its important to stay healthy, othervise whole season will pass in eating tablets and in hospitals only.

But as we all know there are high chances of getting illness during this season, because our immunity power is reduced during monsoon season, and there are chances of getting affected with the diseases like allergies, infections, dengue, malaria, conjuctivities, typhoid, viral fever, pneumonia, gastro intestinal , indigestions problems to them whose immunity system is weak. During monsoon humidity is high so our digestive capability goes down.


Most important thing to keep in mind is that we should avoid eating oily food and street food because by eating this type of food there are high chances of upsetting your stomach.

The best cardinal mantra during monsoon season is “Never eat if you are not feeling hungry”, doing so results in indigestion and illness. Eat fruits as they helps you to restore energy, but avoid watermelon and muskmelons and also too many mangoes they may cause pimples.

Have a medium or low salted food, high salted food may result in high blood pressure. Avoid eating watery foods they may create swelling in the body, eat food which are drying in nature like corn, gram flour, chick pea etc.

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Foods such as brown rice, oats and barley are the best foods one could eat in monsoon. Immunity power in the body can be increased by adding garlic to the soups, sir fries and curries you intake.

Drink only boiled or purified water to protect yourselves from the germs, and drinking plenty of water keeps your body hydrated.

To prevent your body by infection one should eat vegetables like bitter gourd, and bitter herbs like neem, turmeric powder and methi and all the green vegetables.

People who faces skin allergy during monsoon season must avoid spicy food, this type of food raise body temperature and stimulate blood circulation and it leads to allergies and skin irritation.

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Drink lots of herbal teas, especially those with antibacterial properties, that includes ginger, pepper, honey, mint and basil leaves. Avoid excessive intake tea.

Vegetables like cauliflower, potatoes, cluster beans, ladies finger, kidney beans, pigeon pea, and sprouted grains must be avoided.

Always wash vegetables and fruits before cooking and eating, and drink warm water early in the morning on empty stomach it will improve bowl syndromes and reduce pains in joints.

By following this tips you will be Fit and Fine .