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Tips on keeping your environment safe this Diwali

Tips on keeping your environment safe this Diwali

Diwali is definitely one of the most widely celebrated festivals in the country of India, but with the rapid commercialization of the festival, there is no doubt that people are enjoying this festival in the cost of affecting and impacting the environment negatively. If you want to ensure that the environment is kept safe, all the while you enjoy your festival, it is necessary to ensure that you opt for sustainable ways to celebrate the festival.

In this article, we are going to be sharing some effective tips on keeping your environment safe this Diwali.

Avoid electric lights

Given the fact that the problem with electricity is at a very alarming stage in the country where several villages have no access to electricity, it is necessary that you do your deed and opts out of using electric lamps for illuminating your houses. It is not just one house that is going to be illuminated with the same, but the majority of them, which is what ends up consuming a lot more electricity than what one would have consumed in a complete month or later year. Instead of using the electrical means, simply opt for the earthen lamps and light them up with some oil.

Avoid firecrackers

Watching firecrackers might actually be an amazing experience, but the same is quite hazardous not just for your health but also for the environment. The fumes that are emitted from the firecrackers end up interacting with the air particles, causing air pollution that could have been easily averted if one stopped its usage completely. Not just that, even the loud cracking sounds have the tendency to create noise pollution which is yet another one of the downside of these crackers.

Dispose of the waste

Diwali is definitely one of those festivals that leave behind quite a lot of wastage after the celebration is done with. If you want to do your bit for the environment, it is very important to ensure that you dispose of the waste carefully and in the correct places.

Send eco-friendly gifts

Diwali is all about gifts and if you want to contribute to the theme of sustainable celebration, it is best that you opt for amazing eco-friendly gifts to give away to your relatives and friends. This helps in introducing a new gift idea and also helps save the environment as well.

Keeping the environment in good shape is important and that actually does add to the joy you get in celebrating the festival of Diwali. This Diwali, do your bit and keep the environment clean.

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