Let’s take for an example a situation where you are stuck with a limited amount of time and have at your sight a beautiful and an amazing place left to explore. In a jiffy, you work up something random and decide just to step out and o the most. But then again you are left with nothing but an unsatisfied soul wanting to see more of what the beautiful place has to offer. So when you land on Gujarat and want to explore its beauty follow certain ways that might help you get the best places it has to offer. Listed below are few tips that might help you explore:

The Digging

Nope, not digging graves or anything otherwise, but information about the place. Talk to your friends and colleagues who had visited Gujarat before and knew the best places to explore. Note down the important things and then go ahead with the plan.

The Plan

Yes, darling, it is needed when you are traveling somewhere just to explore its inhibitions. Chalk out your plan prior to landing on the place itself. That way you can discuss it with your guide and draw out your schedule.

The Guide

A very important factor actually, guides are a savior to new places,but sometimes it gets tricky. Not every guide you stumble upon is going to take care of your deficiencies at a new place. So get a guide from a certified agency who is learned and genuine. That way he will take you to the best places to explore and not just waste your valuable time and increase his own pay worth nothing up to your expectations. The hotels provide guides too which comes in handy.

A step away

After you’ve known from people you have asked about the places, try to book yourself nearby to that area so that conveyance can be easy and less time consuming giving you ample time to go through the scenic and architectural beauty of Gujarat.

Few of the top most beautiful places to explore in Gujarat are:


This place was built by a queen to honor her husband who had passed away. It holds a lot of emotional value when it comes to love.


A salt marsh situated in the Thar Desert, Rann of Kutch glistens like adiamond with a vast area of nothingness which is full of emotions to explore.


Temple of Lord Krishna, it is a five-story monument on seventy pillars all crafted from pristine limestones.

So plan ahead and explore the best places of Gujarat. Don’t leave your explorer soul empty.


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