National Safety Day 2021

Three youths were killed after knocked down by a speeding car near Asoj village on Vadodara Halol Road late at night. The villagers rushed to the spot and caught the driver and handover him over to the police.

As per available details, Sanjay Shambhubhai Rathodia (30), a resident of Navi Nagar near Asoj village on Vadodara Highway, was crossing the road near Rai Company. Meanwhile, the driver of a passing Celtos car knocked and killed him on the spot. With this, the driver of the car also dashed Ramkishan Radheshyam Kewat (Nishat) (28) and Hiralal Ramdas Kewal (Nishat) 26, both natives of UP and now living in Raikar Company. Sanjay Rathodia and Hiralal Kewat died on the spot.

While Ramkishan was taken to the hospital by 108 ambulance where he died during a short treatment. The locals as well as the people of Asoj village rushed to the spot caught the driver and handover him to the police.

The Waghodia police investigation revealed that the driver was Minesh Gyannath, a resident of Chhotaudepur and a cement trader. Police completed the proceedings as per Covid’s guideline and arrested him.

Grief spread in Asoj Navinagari as well as area after three youths were killed in the late night accident. Jiteshbhai Rathodia, a cousin of Sanjay Rathodia, who lived in Navi Nagar and died in the accident, lodged a complaint at the Waghodia police station and police have registered a case against driver Minesh Gyannath.


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