Three labourers hurt after a wall fell on them


Three labourers were injured after the dilapidated wall of the house fell on them in the Ghadiyali pole area of Vadodara city. The labourers are working in the new construction of a house when the wall fell on them.

The dilapidated house was closed and the labourers are working in the construction of the new house next. The labourers are doing Slab sentering work in the morning on 26th January when the wall of the dilapidated house fell on him.

Narvat Patel, Ashwin Patel and Budhabhai Patel trapped inside the rubble. The locals rushed to the spot and took out the labourers and send them to the hospital in 108 ambulance.

All the labourers are from Devagadh Baria and out of them Ashwin Patel received injuries on head, Narvat Patel on face and Budhabhai on his body. All the three are being treated in the SSG hospital. However Wadi police registered the offence and further investigating.




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