Vadodara NGO make 200 eco friendly Alum Ganpatis

An NGO Feeding Vadodara starts a initiative in the city to clean the lakes of Vadodara with easily available Alum. They strike the brilliant idea of making Ganpati idols from the same Alum and then immerse it inside water bodies which ultimately clean the water.

Wishal Soni a BE Electrical use his knowledge of chemical (basic Chemistry) and strike the noble idea to clean the ponds inside the city. What’s more interesting is he introduce the concept this year to make Ganpati idols with Alum and give a option for eco friendly celebration.

“We start the concept Cubical Vighnaharta 3.0 where we make the Ganesh idols from Alum. The piece we use is of 18/10 inch using eco friendly colours for hand print Ganpati. We will make 200 such pieces and distribute to Ganesh Yuvak Mandals and the slum areas near the Gorwa Talav where we immerse the idols. The idea is eco friendly visarjan and clean the water which the nearby people use for their daily needs,” said Soni.

Soni along with Nirav Mistry from Feeding Vadodara and Pradeep Patel from Ek Khwaish work on the concept and decide to make Cubical Vighnaharta 3.0 this year during the Ganesha festival. They introduce the first sample and already received 100 plus registrations from the people.

“From 12th to 20th August we will run the campaign for orders and out team of 20 members will then prepare the idols cost around just 205 rupees. First we will make 200 Alum Ganpati statues and based on the response work on next 200,” said Soni.



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